Crime Scene/Biohazard Cleaning Services

Crime Scene/Biohazard Cleaning Services Biohazard cleaning services involve cleaning and sanitizing fluids and deodorizing locations that have been contaminated due to violent  or traumatic incidents such as injuries, crimes, accidents, and deaths. Dealing with biohazards and crime scenes often means dealing with blood, human or animal remains, chemical spills, fingerprint dust, property damage, blood, bodily […]


Housekeeping Washing clothes is one of those housekeeping chores that most people procrastinate about. Before you know it, you’ve got piles and piles of clothes that need to be washed. Don’t worry, DAG Housekeeping is here to take the load off your hands as well as do a bit of extra cleaning while we are […]

Cleaning And Disinfecting For Gyms

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services For Gyms Getting the right coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services for gyms can be a difficult task. However, it is something that gym owners need to do to guarantee the smooth running of their business. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that is transmitted when people come in contact with infected […]

Cleaning And Disinfecting For Bars And Restaurants

Coronavirus Cleaning And Disinfecting Services For Bars And Restaurants As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention continues to find ways to contain the disease. Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic due to the outbreak of the disease in several countries across the world. The virus is […]

Cleaning And Disinfecting For Hair And Nail Salons

Coronavirus Cleaning And Disinfecting Services For Hair And Nail Salons Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services for hair and nail salons are in high demand because of the strict reopening guidelines that hair and nail salons have to follow to ensure safety from the pandemic. Reopening your business after many months of lockdown is what most […]

Cleaning And Disinfecting For Churches

Coronavirus Cleaning And Disinfecting Services For Churches Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service for churches is a unique service occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic. It is two distinct services brought together to achieve the goal of preventing the spread of the virus through surfaces. The virus can spread from person to person and people can get […]

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services A dirty carpet can really make an environment look dull, which is why carpet cleaning services are important. And you would be surprised how much of a difference a clean carpet can make or break first impressions. So, it’s our goal to improve the look of your carpet as well as the […]

Coronavirus Residential Cleaning Services

Coronavirus Residential Cleaning Services Coronavirus Residential Cleaning Services in Crestview FL has taken priority now with the outbreak of the recent global pandemic. Our professional cleaning services take into consideration the necessity of cleaning for the novel coronavirus. We clean all surfaces, windows, doors, frames, walls, and other high-touch surfaces under this residential cleaning package. […]

Coronavirus Cleaning for Public Buildings

Coronavirus Cleaning for Public Buildings With heightened global concerns on health and disease prevention, consider taking advantage of our coronavirus cleaning for public buildings in Crestview, FL. Minimizing the risk of exposure to Coronavirus, by cleaning and disinfection is an essential role in reopening public buildings. Especially, if your churches, schools and distribution facilities were […]