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When it comes to cleaning carpets, there is only one way to get the job done. Which is to get it done right!  However, depending on the space to be cleaned our experts determine the most effective strategy to take in getting your carpet back to looking like new.
If you’ve had your carpet cleaned recently, then you may not need a full-blown steam comprehensive cleaning. An alternative carpet cleaning solution that may be enough for you is the is called Encapsulation Cleaning method. We generally use this method when the carpet is not very dirty. But could use a nice buffing up to bring back its luster. And this method is great for regular maintenance cleaning. It can be done much faster and generally dries within 30 minutes. So, it’s less intrusive on your schedule and planning.
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Our Encapsulation professional carpet cleaning comprehensive process:

1. Employ our pile-lifting commercial grade vacuum to remove all dry dirt and loose particles from the carpet before cleaning.  The powerful vacuum extracts particles standard vacuums just can’t reach and ensures our steam cleaning is most effective.

2. Lay down a low moisture encapsulation pre-spray with polymers and emulsifiers.

3. Brush the pre-spray with high spinning speed counter rotating agitators. The brushing forces polymers around any remaining dirt and soil in the carpet to “encapsulate” them.

4. Remove all encapsulated polymers with additional vacuuming and allow the carpet to quickly dry.


By the time we finish our work you can trust your carpets will look their very best. Rest assured that never stop until we’ve met or exceeded your expectations.  Call us today at 302 513 6646 to get started with our trouble-free assessment and get a quick estimate.

In addition to carpet cleaning services, DAG offers additional cleaning services as well. Feel free to contact us and see what services we can offer you and start creating your own custom cleaning service plan.

Ready to transform your space into a pristine environment? Contact DAG Residential & Commercial Services today and we’ll take care of the rest.

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