Green Tech Cleaning Service FAQs

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What if something gets damaged in your course of cleaning?

With many years of efficient cleaning service delivery, our team will ensure that nothing is damaged in the course of rendering services to you because they are well trained to carry out their responsibilities efficiently. 
However, if there is any damage to property while they are working, the company will take full responsibility for replacement and repair as required.

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Do I have to be around when the cleaner comes?

You do not have to be around your residential or commercial building before our team offers you the best quality cleaning services. All that is required is an appointment and arrangement to leave your house key with us and we will render you an equally superb service. Even if you are around, your satisfaction remains our priority. 

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How often should I have cleaning services?

Our services are tailored to meet your needs but we highly recommend that you make arrangements for regular cleaning services which we can optimally guarantee. Regular cleaning is important to make your house clean and avoid any accumulation of stains or germs. Our cleaning services are holistic and it covers both residential and commercial cleaning. 

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How do I request your services?

Contacting us to book an appointment might just be your best decision to give your commercial and residential buildings the perfect cleaning services that they deserve. Simply go to or homepage and click the contact us column or select “Request Now!” in the slide to get started.

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How do I know I can trust the people you send to offer cleaning services?

As a credible company, we ensure that all our staff are trained in the ethics of professional conduct. They are our ambassadors and will protect our brand image when working to satisfy your cleaning needs. Our staffs have been part of our commercial and residential cleaning team for many years and they always uphold our values of trust and client satisfaction.

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Why Should I Use Green Tech Cleaning Services?

At Green Tech Cleaning service, we offer the best quality cleaning services both commercially and for residential purposes. Our clients and their satisfaction is our top priority. We have a track record of efficient service delivery and we are the client’s best choice because cleaning services are second to none in the industry.

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