Our passion is providing facility mangers and business owners with nothing but the best quality in commercial cleaning services and standards. Commercial property can vary quite significantly from industry to industry. But we have the experience to take care of all your possible commercial carpet cleaning needs. A major investment that all businesses make is in their rugs, carpets and furniture. And work environments are often subject to high usage by both employees and visitors alike. So its normal for them to pick up grime, soil and dirt much quicker than normal domestic environments.

Pollen, dust, mites, spores, dirt and bacteria accumulate over time on your upholstery, rugs and carpets. Don’t let your commercial environment look old and worn out. It’s a direct reflection of your company and you want to look your best. And first impressions of potential clients are important. So, present your customers with a hygienic and clean environment they can be comfortable in with DAG Res-Comm Services, your local commercial carpet cleaning services professionals.

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Don’t let average commercial carpet cleaners do a halfway job at your facility. Many local Commercial cleaning service providers use shampoo and carbonated water. But this only cleans the surface of the carpet. And leaves behind much of the soil and organisms behind that can lead to pesky odors throughout your space. We use high powered vacuums with special cleaning agents that get to the second layer of your carpets padding. Ensuring a deep clean and fresh scent that you’ll love.

We aim to provide nothing less than phenomenal cleaning and services to all our business clients in the Delaware region. Have a multi-level office building, no problem.

Commercial Building Cleaning Services in Delaware

No space is too large or too small. Our professional cleaning teams will work based on your needs and schedule. If we need to assign a larger group of cleaners to handle bigger jobs, we are ready to meet your individual commercial demands. If you own a small business that’s not a problem either. Our flexibility allows us to work nights, weekends or any other time that is convenient for cleaning service near you.

In addition to carpet cleaning services, DAG offers additional cleaning services as well. Feel free to contact us today to see what services we can offer you and start creating your own custom cleaning service plan.

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